Removable Braces: Complete Treatment Guide

Removable Braces: Complete Treatment Guide

The brackets removable are a type of orthodontic characterized in that the dental braces guide apparatus which is used  can get on and off providing great comfort to patients during duration of treatment.

It is a treatment that is used mainly in children’s orthodontics , although there are people who when they refer to “removable braces” actually refer to “removable orthodontics”

For this reason, in this guide on removable braces we are going to explain all those details and most frequent questions that our orthodontic patients in Burgos usually ask us when they come to our office for a treatment.

Removable Braces: Complete Treatment Guide

What are the advantages of removable braces?

As we have already commented in the introduction to this guide on removable brackets, the main advantage and what characterizes it is that they have a “remove and put” character .

The “remove and put” feature allows that during certain periods , such as sports activities in which the presence of orthodontic appliances can be especially annoying, patients can remove the removable braces , thus providing great comfort .

In addition to the advantage of comfort, removable brackets have other advantages such as:

Efficacy : With wearing the aesthetic braces 75% of the time , that is, 18 hours a day is enough for the effect that the treatment is to achieve.

Speed : Compared to other treatments based on other types of techniques, removable brackets achieve results quickly while combining it with the convenience of being able to remove and oppose them at specific moments when it is convenient for the patient.

Aesthetics : Is there something more discreet than something that is not there? Thanks to the removable nature of this type of orthodontics, we can “not wear orthodontics” at the specific moments that are required .

Hygiene : Since removable brackets can be removed and put on, theypresent great advantages in terms of dental  hygiene . We can remove them before eating and during toothbrushing , which makes oral hygiene during treatment significantly easier to carry than with other orthodontic options.

How do removable braces work?

Removable brackets, unlike conventional brackets, are based on dental braces guide splints that adapt to the teeth and, through the pressure they exert, they manage to mobilize the teeth .

Are there other types of removable orthodontics?

Indeed, removable braces are not the only type of orthodontic treatment that is removable . There are other alternatives that also present this character, such as orthodontics based on the use of transparent splints.

It must be our orthodontist who, after a visit at the dental braces guide clinic, determines which of the options is most appropriate for each particular case.

How long does a treatment with removable braces last?

The duration of a treatment with removable braces does not differ essentially from other types of orthodontic treatments and can be estimated within the range of one to two years .

The duration of treatment with removable braces will come determined by each individual case and must be determined by the orthodontist after a medical examination to determine each case in particular .

Does the removable bracket treatment hurt?

No . As we have already commented in previous entries in this blog, orthodontics does not cause pain and therefore orthodontics based on removable brackets, because it is a particular type of orthodontics, does not produce pain either.

At the most, we can talk about discomforts that over time tend to disappear after an initial time of treatment, as we discussed in our dedicated post talking about pain in orthodontics.

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