Dental Braces Cost: Types And Price

Orthodontics with metal brackets

Metal dental braces cost is the traditional solution for teenagers and young people. It is the fastest and most effective orthodontic system .

This type of fixed metal orthodontics  is the most conventional method that uses braces and archwires.

Orthodontics with metal braces and traditional braces are most used by children at an early age to align their teeth and correct the bite.

It is the least aesthetic procedure but it has the cheapest cost of all types of orthodontics in our dental clinic.

If you want to correct your teeth and are not concerned about aesthetics, this is undoubtedly the best orthodontic treatment with braces that you can opt for.

How much do metal braces cost?

The price of an orthodontic treatment with metal brackets in our dental clinic in Madrid is as follows:

Orthodontic study and planning: € 100

2 arch metal brackets: € 650

Monthly review: € 50

Fixed final upper and lower orthodontic retainers: € 320

Dental braces cost with aesthetic brackets

In case you are concerned about how your teeth will look with dental arches, orthodontics with clear braces is an excellent option for your treatment with dental appliances. 

Orthodontics with transparent colored cosmetic brackets conceals the arches of orthodontics by having a tone very similar to that of our natural teeth.

Although the results are just as good, the treatment time it takes to place the teeth with this type of orthodontics is somewhat higher than that necessary with a metal orthodontic system.

This system to align the teeth is usually the one chosen by the youngest who do not want such a high aesthetic impact when using colorless braces that are less visible.

How much does sapphire cosmetic orthodontics cost?

The price of the sapphire aesthetic fixed orthodontics at Dr. Ferrer’s dental clinic in Madrid is as follows:

Study and planning Orthodontics: € 100

2 arch metal brackets: € 650

Monthly review: € 50

Fixed final upper and lower orthodontic retainers: € 320

The cost of cosmetic braces is slightly higher than metal orthodontics.

Self-ligating dental braces cost

This type of orthodontics uses self-ligating brackets  that can be metallic or transparent.

Self- ligating orthodontics is characterized by not needing elastic bands to stay attached to the orthodontic arch.

In this way, the force is transmitted to the teeth through the brackets themselves.

For suitable orthodontic cases the orthodontic time with this system can be shortened considerably.

How much does self-ligating dental braces cost?

The price of orthodontics with self-ligating brackets  in our dental clinic in Madrid is:

Study and planning Orthodontics: € 100

Metal brackets 2 arches: € 800

Monthly review: € 50

Final upper and lower orthodontic retainers: € 320

The cost of self-ligating orthodontics is higher than that of metallic and aesthetic brackets. It should be noted that this type of orthodontics cannot be used in all cases.

Our doctors will advise you free of charge on which method is the most suitable for you.

Invisible aligners orthodontics

Invisible transparent color aligners are a very innovative type of removable orthodontics for adults .

The Invisalign system is a type of dental braces of American origin that aligns your teeth using advanced 3D computerized imaging technology.

Using orthodontic aligners , teeth are moved by changing them every 1 or 2 weeks. These splints that the patient can remove from the mouth are made to measure.

The transparent orthodontic Alineadent  is a type of cosmetic dentistry digitized that does not use braces to move teeth.

A Unlike Invisalign lab and invisible removable aligners is located in Spain.

It consists of transparent removable aligners that are changed throughout the orthodontic treatment.…