Byte vs Braces: Choosing the Right Invisible Aligner

Byte Vs Braces – Which is better?

When you think about teeth-straightening solutions, braces are the ones that would probably pop in your mind. However, dental and orthodontic experts find bytes a more developed alternative for braces. So which is better? How do they compete against each other (Byte Vs Braces)? Or why are bytes a better alternative for a gorgeous smile?

If you have these questions circling your mind, you have landed on the right page. This article will help you to understand how bytes work, and why it is better than braces. Everyone deserves a brighter smile, and byte will help you achieve it.

How byte works?

Unlike braces where you have to visit an orthodontist to fit them, you can fit byte at home. A byte treatment plan involves patients sending doctors their impressions, which the doctors review and prepare a personalized treatment plan.

The doctors track their patient’s progress remotely and send sets of aligners according to the personalized treatment plan. You have to wear each aligner for a week and then move on to the next one.

Additionally, patients have to use a HyperByte device provided by their doctors. This special vibrating device ensures that the aligners keep their proper composer on your teeth. Using this vibrating mouthpiece for five minutes per day also promotes bone movement.

This simple process makes byte an ideal alternative for braces as they are cheaper and prepared keeping the requirements based on the patient’s impressions.

Byte treatment plans

Byte treatment involves two plans prepared according to a patient’s requirements. You have a day plan where you have to wear clear aligners for the whole day, and a night plan that involves wearing clear aligners only at night.

According to dental experts, choosing the day plan ensures faster result, as wearing aligners the whole day fixes your teeth quickly. However, since a byte treatment plan considers every aspect provided by the patient, you can also opt for the night plan.

On average, day users will get results between three months, while the night users may have to wait twice as long to benefit from the plan. It would be best to choose your plan after taking into consideration all your personal and medical requirements.

Why is byte better than braces?

Like we mentioned earlier, byte is the best alternative for braces, and so we have rounded up five reasons why you should opt for byte to get a straighter and brighter smile.


Unlike traditional braces that pop out while you smile, byte stays hidden because of its clear construction. Since byte aligners use a highly transparent BPA-free medical grade polymer film, they stay invisible to others while you smile.

This quality ensures that the wearer feels more confident and comfortable while having chats in public. According to surveys conducted by many online platforms, working and busy adults prefer to use byte aligners instead of using traditional braces.

Byte aligners are cheaper

Since byte aligners are prepared using patient’s impressions, they are cheaper than traditional braces. Traditional braces can cost anywhere around $5000 to $6000, while a full byte set comes under $2000 depending on your impressions and requirements.

The set comes with several clear aligners, BrightByte teeth whitener and the HyperByte teeth movement accelerator. You can opt for a monthly payment plan as well, which makes this treatment very cost-friendly for patients.


Like we mentioned earlier, you don’t have to visit an orthodontist for a byte treatment. This feature is very convenient for busy adults and working professionals who have a fast-paced life. The system allows these users to follow a simple and convenient routine.

All you have to do is wear, switch the aligners, and use the HyperByte teeth movement accelerator as directed. Additionally, the orthodontist tracks your progress remotely and will ensure that everything is working fine.

Shorter treatment time

One of the best benefits of using byte aligners is because of its shorter treatment time. Unlike traditional braces that can take anywhere between two to three years, byte treatment can last for six months depending on your treatment plan. Additionally, the HyperByte teeth movement accelerator promotes shorter treatment time.

Byte treatment plan whitens as well

Every byte treatment plan comes with a BrightByte whitening system. This foam cleanser goes into the aligners and whitens your teeth. The whitening system also kills 99% of bacteria and provides freshness to your breath.

How much a byte treatment plan costs?

The byte treatment plan consists of two major parts. First you have to order the impression kit, and secondly, select a payment plan for your treatment. The total treatment cost is $1900, including the impression kit, which costs $95 and is refundable.

Once approved for the treatment, the remaining $1850 is distributed to a payment cycle according to your preference. The customer service team works with the patient to find a suitable payment plan based on your requirements.

Byte FAQ

Does byte hurt your teeth?

Using byte to straighten your teeth can hurt, but the pain isn’t severe. You can feel soreness for a couple of days and it will fade away soon after you get used to the aligners. You can consult your doctor for painkillers if you find the soreness a bit too much.

Is byte safe?

Byte employs fully-licensed orthodontists for its operations. These experts review your impression kit to provide the best results as well as monitor your progress throughout your treatment plan. It would be best to strictly follow the instruction and procedures laid out by your orthodontist.

Can we eat while wearing byte aligners?

Besides drinking water, you cannot eat or drink while wearing the aligners.

Are retainers important?

One of the common mistakes many people tend to do is ignore the retainers included in their system. Retainers help maintain teeth placement and prevent them from shifting back. Additionally, you only have to wear retainers at night, which make them very convenient.

Retainers are a very crucial part of your byte treatment plan, and it is best not to avoid them.…

Periodontology Treatment: Benefits For Your Health

Taking care of the gums not only provides important benefits for oral health, but also has positive consequences on general health. For this reason, periodontology treatment is an essential pillar to guarantee better overall health.

The latest surveys on oral health carried out in our country show that in Spain approximately 90% of the population over 35 years of age has some problem related to the gums.

Periodontal diseases are infectious diseases of bacterial origin that affect the tissues that surround the teeth. They have a multifactorial origin, and genetic, environmental, local factors also influence …

Gingivitis and periodontitis are the two main periodontal diseases. When only the gum is affected, causing a reversible inflammatory process, it is called gingivitis; In the case of periodontitis, in addition to inflammation of the gums, there is an irreversible destruction of the tissues that support the tooth, endangering its survival.

Periodontology Treatment: Benefits For Your Health

Negative consequences

Periodontology diseases, in addition to the clear consequences that they have at the oral level, also have an impact on a systemic level: that is, the negative consequences can extend beyond the mouth and affect other parts of the body and enhance or complicate some disorders as frequent and important as diabetes.

At the oral level, the most tangible effect of periodontal diseases (and the true end point of this disease) is tooth loss, which can lead to significant functional and aesthetic problems. But in addition, these diseases can cause bleeding, halitosis, gingival recession, dental mobility, pain … which can negatively affect the quality of life.

Oral health benefits

One of the main benefits of oral periodontology treatment is that it prevents tooth loss; in fact, the available scientific evidence reveals that this therapy is predictable when it comes to dental “mortality” * rates.

And is that the main objective of periodontal treatment is the long-term maintenance of natural teeth in a healthy, functional, aesthetically acceptable and pain-free state. To do this, it is a priority to stop the inflammatory disease process and control the possible associated risk factors.

The data obtained in recent studies show that patients who receive periodontal treatment lose an average of 0.1 teeth per person per year compared to 0.6 teeth per person per year that patients who do not receive treatment lose. Of course, the results are obtained and maintained over time as long as the patient receives adequate and periodic maintenance therapy.

The fact of achieving health and good long-term results will also allow patients to benefit from the entire arsenal of treatments that multidisciplinary teams can offer, today, to achieve a healthy, functional and aesthetic mouth, thus improving the quality of life.

Another beneficial effect of periodontology treatment is its ability to produce improvements in the various clinical variants, which translates into the absence of bleeding, less dental mobility and control of halitosis.

Currently, as published in a recent report by the Spanish Periodontology Society (SEPA), it is estimated that in 90% of halitosis (bad breath) cases the origin of the bad smell is from the mouth and in more than half of these cases (around 60%) the problem is closely related to some type of periodontal pathology (gingivitis in 60% and periodontitis in the other 30%).

And does it benefit general health too?

Nowadays, there is a growing body of scientific evidence that highlights the important links between periodontal health and general health.

The repercussions of periodontology disease at the systemic level derive, either from the presence of a large number of bacteria at the subgingival level that can produce a direct effect, or from the systemic inflammation that they generate. This means that gum disease can increase the risk of cardiovascular diseases, of having a premature birth or that the fetus registers a low weight at birth or of producing decompensation of diabetes, among many other effects.…

What Are The Advantages And Benefits Of Invisible Orthodontics?

What are the advantages and benefits of invisible orthodontics?

Invisible orthodontics has become one of the most common alternatives to traditional dental orthopedics. The traditional braces are gradually being replaced by  novel treatments that correct the position of the teeth in a more discreet and less visible way.

One of those novel treatments is invisible dental orthopedics or  Invisalign dental orthopedics . Do you want to know what advantages and benefits it has? Well keep reading.

What Are The Advantages And Benefits Of Invisible Orthodontics?

But first, what is invisible orthodontics?

Many people  do not like having to carry foreign objects in their teeth for 24 hours a day  and for an indeterminate period of months, depending on the case.

For this reason, researchers in the field of orthodontics  seek those formulas that make the adventure of dental alignment more bearable and easy.

And  Invisalign dental orthopedics  or invisible dental orthopedics is the result of some of the research of specialists.

This is an  innovative and avant-garde technique, which many patients end up choosing for the aesthetic factor . Because invisible orthodontics is designed to improve dental health, being the most discreet orthodontic treatment there is.

The Invisalign system is  made up of custom made aligners or transparent aligners,  which are responsible for straightening the teeth.

In addition, it is capable of covering a wide range of orthodontic cases such as:  separated teeth, excessively crowded or cross bite.

What are the advantages and benefits of invisible dental orthopedics or invisalign dental orthopedics?

Invisalign orthodontic treatment is one of the best known. In addition, this type of invisible dental orthopedics has become fashionable for the  many advantages and benefits  it has.

Practically invisible

This is one of the main advantages why many patients opt for invisible orthodontics, since it will not be noticed that you are wearing it.

The  transparent ferrules practically invisible when wearing . Also, they do not modify the shape of your face.

Tailor-made treatment

Invisalign orthodontic aligners are made from a  high-strength  thermoplastic polymer and are custom designed for each patient.

In this way,  it will better adapt to the patient’s teeth and their case, allowing them to be almost imperceptible.  And, this is possible thanks to the technology of 3D digital radiology.

It is effective

With Invisalign invisible dental orthopedics you  will begin to notice results in the first months of the placement of the alienants,  being an effective solution from the first moment.

It is removable

Being able to remove it in daily activities such as eating, drinking or brushing your teeth.  This is thanks to the fact that the invisible orthodontic splints are removable.

In addition, when you brush your teeth,  you can floss and accumulate much less food  than classic braces.

It is a shorter treatment

Another benefit of invisible orthodontics is that the results obtained compared to traditional braces are just as good or better, acting faster.


By having the exact shape of the teeth, since  the splints are made to measure, they are much more comfortable .

Likewise, since there are no braces or wires present, being able to remove them at mealtime and then put them back on, it makes the person feel much more comfortable wearing them.

Do you need an invisible orthodontic treatment?

At Cervantes Dental Clinic we care about your dental health , therefore we advise you adequately to treat your specific case.

If you need an Invisalign orthodontic treatment , all you have to do is  call  or  write us , we will be happy to assist you.…

Advantages of Having a Dental Clinic With Pediatric Dentistry Treatments

What are the benefits of pediatric dentistry in Castellon?

Oral health requires special attention, beyond solving any condition the intention will always be to avoid it. That is why pediatric in Castellon turns out to be a great practice and habit for infants. It is proven that more than half of the conditions that we suffer in our teeth could be avoided with good dental hygiene and guidance. Because of this, early age will always be a good time to promote good dental health habits.

Why choose pediatric dentistry in Castellón and what are its advantages?

When visiting a pediatric dentist, the representative will not only be calm, but both he and his representative will obtain great benefits in the short and long term. Among the most prominent are the following:

1. Learning good habits

Currently, there is a significant percentage of adults who do not know how to brush their teeth or simply do not know proper oral hygiene. That is why attending a pediatric dentist will forge not only habits but also knowledge that will prevent further problems with teeth.

2. Prevention of conditions

As the specialists say, it is never too late to become aware of our mouth, so by attending this expert, young people or infants will be able to take the necessary measures in time before achieving an unfortunate result. Losing a tooth could be one of the most fatal consequences, in addition to major infections.

3. Attention to problems

The 20 baby teeth or temporary teeth that begin to accompany children from 3 years of age can also suffer from conditions such as cavities . For this reason, by attending a specialized center in pediatric dentistry you will be able to attend to all those major or minor problems without any inconvenience. If you want more information about how we work as pediatric in Castellón, contact us, trust our services and be the protagonist of a better future for your little ones.

good pediatric treatment

The dental health is very important, regardless of age, although only in the case of teeth such as maintaining proper dental hygiene habits is essential for overall health of the whole body.

When your child has his first milk tooth , you should start paying special attention to taking care of his mouth, even before the first tooth, you should already clean your little one’s gums, especially after drinking his milk.

What is Pediatric Dentistry?

The pediatric is a specialty of dentistry focused on the care and promotion of dental health of children . From the time the first milk tooth appears, until they reach adolescence, the dental care of your children will be in charge of a pediatric dentist.

Advantages of a good pediatric dentistry treatment

If you want your children to enjoy the benefits of a good pediatric treatment , you should choose a successful dental clinic, such as the Juan Carlos I Dental Clinic, whose treatments offer your little ones the following advantages.

Detect and solve early pathologies associated with bite problems , which can even affect the child’s speech and breathing.

The fact that your baby only has milk teeth does not free him from cavities, but a good pediatric dentistry treatment does, the specialists, in addition to treating these types of problems, will help educate your child about the proper dental hygiene process. and its importance.

In the event of trauma from blows or falls, it damages children’s teeth, and this is usually a very common dental problem in young children. The pediatric dentist helps the process of repair and reimplantation of the tooth , to avoid damage to the permanent teeth.

Monitoring the development of the child’s teeth , allows to prevent or avoid dental problems.

The pediatric dentist is trained to perform a wide range of dental services, from cleanings, to the application of sealants and even orthodontic treatments . Fluoride application, fissure sealing, composite restoration, are part of the wide range of Pediatric Dentistry treatments .

Facilitating a pediatric treatment for your children will guarantee the enjoyment of adequate dental hygiene, as well as the eruption of healthier and stronger permanent teeth.…

Removable Braces: Complete Treatment Guide

The brackets removable are a type of orthodontic characterized in that the dental braces guide apparatus which is used  can get on and off providing great comfort to patients during duration of treatment.

It is a treatment that is used mainly in children’s orthodontics , although there are people who when they refer to “removable braces” actually refer to “removable orthodontics”

For this reason, in this guide on removable braces we are going to explain all those details and most frequent questions that our orthodontic patients in Burgos usually ask us when they come to our office for a treatment.

Removable Braces: Complete Treatment Guide

What are the advantages of removable braces?

As we have already commented in the introduction to this guide on removable brackets, the main advantage and what characterizes it is that they have a “remove and put” character .

The “remove and put” feature allows that during certain periods , such as sports activities in which the presence of orthodontic appliances can be especially annoying, patients can remove the removable braces , thus providing great comfort .

In addition to the advantage of comfort, removable brackets have other advantages such as:

Efficacy : With wearing the aesthetic braces 75% of the time , that is, 18 hours a day is enough for the effect that the treatment is to achieve.

Speed : Compared to other treatments based on other types of techniques, removable brackets achieve results quickly while combining it with the convenience of being able to remove and oppose them at specific moments when it is convenient for the patient.

Aesthetics : Is there something more discreet than something that is not there? Thanks to the removable nature of this type of orthodontics, we can “not wear orthodontics” at the specific moments that are required .

Hygiene : Since removable brackets can be removed and put on, theypresent great advantages in terms of dental  hygiene . We can remove them before eating and during toothbrushing , which makes oral hygiene during treatment significantly easier to carry than with other orthodontic options.

How do removable braces work?

Removable brackets, unlike conventional brackets, are based on dental braces guide splints that adapt to the teeth and, through the pressure they exert, they manage to mobilize the teeth .

Are there other types of removable orthodontics?

Indeed, removable braces are not the only type of orthodontic treatment that is removable . There are other alternatives that also present this character, such as orthodontics based on the use of transparent splints.

It must be our orthodontist who, after a visit at the dental braces guide clinic, determines which of the options is most appropriate for each particular case.

How long does a treatment with removable braces last?

The duration of a treatment with removable braces does not differ essentially from other types of orthodontic treatments and can be estimated within the range of one to two years .

The duration of treatment with removable braces will come determined by each individual case and must be determined by the orthodontist after a medical examination to determine each case in particular .

Does the removable bracket treatment hurt?

No . As we have already commented in previous entries in this blog, orthodontics does not cause pain and therefore orthodontics based on removable brackets, because it is a particular type of orthodontics, does not produce pain either.

At the most, we can talk about discomforts that over time tend to disappear after an initial time of treatment, as we discussed in our dedicated post talking about pain in orthodontics.…

Braces Types And Prices: Dental Braces Guide And Opinions

How do braces work?

Brace orthodontics is the most traditional method. We all know someone who at some point has carried these metal appliances in their mouth.

However, over the years this system has evolved to offer more comfortable, efficient and aesthetic treatments, giving rise to many types of braces. Still, the way dental braces straighten teeth is basically the same:

They are based on a support system – brackets – and a joining system – wires or arches. The brackets adhere to the tooth and are connected to each other by means of the metal arch.

Also, your orthodontist may put rubber bands on you in certain places to get your teeth to do a specific movement.

We must not confuse these elastic bands with the rubber bands that are placed on each bracket  and that hold the metal archwire in position.

The joint work of these devices exerts constant pressure on the teeth and jaw until little by little it brings them to the desired position.

Braces Types And Prices: Dental Braces Guide And Opinions

In the past the forces that were applied were more aggressive. It was thought that the greater the pressure exerted, the sooner the teeth would straighten.

To this day, a large body of research has shown that mild but constant forces are the best way to move teeth. This prevents harm to patients and considerably reduces discomfort and pain caused by excessive pressure.

What types of braces are there?

Currently there is a diversity of brands that have developed different systems of dental appliances, each with its advantages and disadvantages that differentiate them from the rest. The types of brackets are:

Metal brackets: conventional.

Transparent brackets: ceramic, sapphire, etc.

Self-ligating braces.

Lingual braces.

Metal braces

This type of braces were the first orthodontic appliances to exist . They are also the best known, since we all have someone we know who has used them.

Treatment with metal braces continues to give very good results, although it may take a little longer. But there is good news: the metal dental braces in use today are not the same as those used 20 years ago. The subject has evolved, a lot.

With technological advances, the designs have been changing to make them more comfortable and aesthetic. Today, the devices are more compact and slimmer. Outcome? They are less uncomfortable and decrease the possibility of causing damage to the mouth. 

Colored braces

One of the advantages of this type of braces is that you can customize them with elastic bands of the color you want . This is very common among children and adolescents. It gives them a unique and personal touch and makes them feel more comfortable with their image. The appliances remain the same color, what changes is the elastic band.

Clear braces

They are also known as cosmetic dental braces. This type of transparent brackets are similar to conventional ones and work through the same mechanism.

The difference is the material they are made of: these new materials are light in color or can even mimic the color of teeth. The bow can be metal or white. They are much more aesthetic thanks to their chameleon color.

Manufacturing materials are varied, but the most popular are: ceramics, sapphire brackets , polycarbonate -a type of plastic-.

Finally, there is the Damon Clear system that we will explain later, in the section on self-ligating brackets.…

Dental Braces Cost: Types And Price

Orthodontics with metal brackets

Metal dental braces cost is the traditional solution for teenagers and young people. It is the fastest and most effective orthodontic system .

This type of fixed metal orthodontics  is the most conventional method that uses braces and archwires.

Orthodontics with metal braces and traditional braces are most used by children at an early age to align their teeth and correct the bite.

It is the least aesthetic procedure but it has the cheapest cost of all types of orthodontics in our dental clinic.

If you want to correct your teeth and are not concerned about aesthetics, this is undoubtedly the best orthodontic treatment with braces that you can opt for.

How much do metal braces cost?

The price of an orthodontic treatment with metal brackets in our dental clinic in Madrid is as follows:

Orthodontic study and planning: € 100

2 arch metal brackets: € 650

Monthly review: € 50

Fixed final upper and lower orthodontic retainers: € 320

Dental braces cost with aesthetic brackets

In case you are concerned about how your teeth will look with dental arches, orthodontics with clear braces is an excellent option for your treatment with dental appliances. 

Orthodontics with transparent colored cosmetic brackets conceals the arches of orthodontics by having a tone very similar to that of our natural teeth.

Although the results are just as good, the treatment time it takes to place the teeth with this type of orthodontics is somewhat higher than that necessary with a metal orthodontic system.

This system to align the teeth is usually the one chosen by the youngest who do not want such a high aesthetic impact when using colorless braces that are less visible.

How much does sapphire cosmetic orthodontics cost?

The price of the sapphire aesthetic fixed orthodontics at Dr. Ferrer’s dental clinic in Madrid is as follows:

Study and planning Orthodontics: € 100

2 arch metal brackets: € 650

Monthly review: € 50

Fixed final upper and lower orthodontic retainers: € 320

The cost of cosmetic braces is slightly higher than metal orthodontics.

Self-ligating dental braces cost

This type of orthodontics uses self-ligating brackets  that can be metallic or transparent.

Self- ligating orthodontics is characterized by not needing elastic bands to stay attached to the orthodontic arch.

In this way, the force is transmitted to the teeth through the brackets themselves.

For suitable orthodontic cases the orthodontic time with this system can be shortened considerably.

How much does self-ligating dental braces cost?

The price of orthodontics with self-ligating brackets  in our dental clinic in Madrid is:

Study and planning Orthodontics: € 100

Metal brackets 2 arches: € 800

Monthly review: € 50

Final upper and lower orthodontic retainers: € 320

The cost of self-ligating orthodontics is higher than that of metallic and aesthetic brackets. It should be noted that this type of orthodontics cannot be used in all cases.

Our doctors will advise you free of charge on which method is the most suitable for you.

Invisible aligners orthodontics

Invisible transparent color aligners are a very innovative type of removable orthodontics for adults .

The Invisalign system is a type of dental braces of American origin that aligns your teeth using advanced 3D computerized imaging technology.

Using orthodontic aligners , teeth are moved by changing them every 1 or 2 weeks. These splints that the patient can remove from the mouth are made to measure.

The transparent orthodontic Alineadent  is a type of cosmetic dentistry digitized that does not use braces to move teeth.

A Unlike Invisalign lab and invisible removable aligners is located in Spain.

It consists of transparent removable aligners that are changed throughout the orthodontic treatment.…