Understanding NTI

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The recently invented Nocioceptive Trigeminal Inhibition Tension Suppresion System (NTI-tss) or NTI is a multipurpose appliance that is gaining popularity as a treatment modality in TMD. It was originally designed as treatment for bruxism and TMJ related headaches and pain, occlusal trauma and tension type headaches and / or migraine, It is designed to protect teeth, muscles and joints by suppressing parafunctional muscle contraction by allmost 70%. This appliance claims to be the most effective FDA approved treatment of migraine prevention. However more studies need to be done to support its claims that it is a superior alternative to full coverage bite guards.

The NTI-tss is a small, custom fitted appliance that fits on the front teeth which allows only the central incisors to contact. This appliance might be bought prefabricated and retrofit on the patient, or laboratory fabricated NTI-tss plus. This miniature anterior bite appliance is typically worn during the night although a daytime appliance is already available.

Understanding NTI
http://www.costbraces.org/un/ by Dr. Nancy A. Vidanes-Brillo

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