Super Elastic Wires

By on 10-08-2011 in Conventional Braces

Super Elastic Wires are widely used during the early stages of orthodontic treatment. Because of their shape memory, it’s not possible to incorporate bends into these wires. Memory programming can be applied into these wire by heating it to a temperature of approximately 400 – 600 degree Celsius. Two pliers can be used to obtain current flow through a wire that heats up the wire.

In doing this, the dentist must make sure that the color of the wire turns yellow gold. The wire is polished using an abrasive cloth. Blue discoloration of super elastic wire denotes overheating which will render the wire useless for orthodontics. Shape memory can be applied to super elastic wires several times. It can also be used to reprogram bad bends. It can also transform preformed wires into bar wires.

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