Orthodontic Treatment Risks and Limitations

By on 8-16-2011 in Orthodontia

Orthodontic Therapy has some inherent Risks and Limitations

Genetics, problems with growth and development and patient cooperation are some of the hindrances that may affect the achievement of the function occlusion and an estheticaccly acceptable result.

Tooth Position
Whether the patient undergoes orthodontic treatment or not tooth position is constantly changing. Post orthodontic treatment patients are subject to the same changes that occur in non orthodontic patients.

Tooth position is constantly changing whether the patient undergoes braces treatment or not.

Necrotic Teeth
Discoloration and / or dead teeth may occur in orthodontic treatment. The tooth that has been traumatized from a minor blow of from a deep filling can die or become non-vital with or without orthodontic treatment. A root canal therapy can be the treatment of choice to preserve the tooth.

Written by:
Jesus Lecitona, DMD
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