Orthodontic Management

By on 6-27-2012 in Conventional Braces

Missing lower first molars is often a major chief complaint for patients seeking for prosthodontic treatment. However due to various reasons, many patients did not receive dental management at the very beginning when those teeth were extracted.

The consequence of the postponement may include mesially tilted second and / or third molars, distally shifted or rotated premolars or even overall bite collapse if the patients also have other malocclusion, it will make the condition further complicated and difficult for general practitioners / prosthodontists to restore properly.

Some basic but contemporary methods to upright the molars, and provide some modalities to combine the treatment of malocclusions and mutilated dentition. Learning to differentiate when to regain the first molar space from when to close the space for a comprehensive interdisciplinary dental treatment is important.

For more information on the best possible Treatment for your Orthodontic case, please consult your Dentist. “There is no online material nor website that can substitute for professional advice.”

Orthodontic management of patients with missing first molars http://www.costbraces.org/orthodontic-management/ by Dr. Edward Jau-Ren Hu

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