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Headgear remains the only proven appliance capable of restricting growth of the maxilla in Skeletal Class II patients withprognathic maxilla. One main advantage of this appliance is its ability to be used along with Comprehensive Orthodontic Treatment, not only for its orthopedic effect but also for molar distalization and for reinforcement of anchorage.

Possibly, the only drawback is that it is an extraoral appliance. There are 3 types of headgear depending on the direction of pull: Occipital pull or High-pull; cervical pull or low-pull; and combination pull or straight-pull headgears. The choice would depende on what additional effect we may want from the headgear like intrusion or extrusion or if we want a pure distalization.

The usual prescription of headgear wear for orthopedic effect is 12 – 16 oz, with direction of pull through the center of resistance of the maxilla, usually near the apices of the first molar, 10 – 12 hours per day.

For more information on the best possible Treatment for your Orthodontic case, please consult your Dentist. “There is no online material nor website that can substitute for professional advice.”

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