Frankel III, a versatile appliance

By on 4-13-2013 in Appliance

It is important that dentists consider flexibility and ease in manipulation in selecting functional orthodontic appliances for the correction of malocclusions in the mixed dentition or early permanent dentition. A versatile tissue borne passive appliance, like the Frankel appliance, to correct Class II malocclusions during early mixed dentition stage, can be taken into consideration.

The Frankel appliance can effect changes in sagittal, transverse and vertical jaw relationships and remove the abnormal muscle forces in the labial and buccal areas that restrict skeletal growth, thus providing an environment which maximizes skeletal growth. It is expected to have minimal dentoalveolar treatment effect as there is only minimal tooth contact.

Frankel III, a versatile applaince for correction of Class III malocclusion
by Dr. Roberto C. Gonzales III

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