Frankel Appliance

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The goal of early treatment is to correct existing or developing skeletal, denti alveolar and muscular imbalances to improve the orofacial environment before the eruption of the permanent dentition is complete. By early treatment at a younger age, the overall need for complex orthodontic treatment is reduced. Frankel’s functional regulator is a myofunctional appliance developed by Professor Rolf Frankel of Germany. This appliance is also called as: Frankel appliance, vestibular appliance, oral gymnastic appliance and functional regulator.

Frankel appliance is classified as a tissue borne passive appliance. It removes the abnormal muscle forces in the labial and buccal areas that restrict skeletal growth hence, providing an environment which maximizes skeletal growth. It has five different types that can be used for Class I, II and III malocclusion. These types of applainces work comfortably with a patient’s inherent growth to affect the desired changes in skeletal / dental development.

Frankel Functional Appliance
by: Dr. Somayeh Ronaghi

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