Forsus Appliance

By on 8-22-2011 in Orthodontia

Forsus appliance has been introduced recently for inter arch Class II correction. Forsus appliance is composed of a spring module attached to the upper molars and a push rod attached to the lower archwire that apply light and continuous force to move the teeth as fast as possible. The Forsus Appliance has been described by patients as comfortable and easy to wear. It has also made correcting Class II malocclusions mush more predictable.

Other indications of Forsus Appliance:
1. Regain space in cases of mesial drifting of the upper first molars due to early loss of deciduous second molars.
2. Correction of unilateral or bilateral molar distocclusion relationships.
3. Non extraction treatment of mild to moderate anterior crowding cases.

Written by:
Pam Miclat, DMD
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  1. “Comfortable to wear”?
    The author has obviously never worn this device.

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