Forsus Appliance for Class II

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Management of Class II malocclusions in adolescent patients by growth modulation is one of the most debated topics in orthodontics. This is due to the fact that noncompliance has always been a major concern for orthodontists. In the past, if there is a need for Class II correction, the options were limited to tooth extraction, use of modified Hawley appliances with active springs and elastics, or with the use of extraoral appliances like headgears.

Nowadays, with the Forsus Fatigue Resistant Device, general practitioners will be able to get an ideal bite without sacrificing the comfort and convenience of their patients. The Forsus Appliance promotes growth in adolescents, helping to eliminate excessive overbites, improve the fit of teeth, and possibly prevent the need for jaw surgery.

The practitioner should know the mechanics, its advantages and practical indications.

Forsus Appliance –
by Dr. Somayeh Ronaghi

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