Face Proportion : Vertical Direction

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The lower part is also known as anteroinferior facial height

The face proportion has 2 directions, the vertical dirction and the sagittal direction. In vertical direction, the face is divided into 3 parts:
1. upper
2. medium
3. lower

The upper third part is located between the trichion and the glabella points. The trichion and glabella points are sometimes difficult to locate. Trichion is where the upper partof forehead ends and the scalp starts. Glabella is marked between the eyebrows, few millimeteers above the nasion.

The medium part is between the glabella and subnasal.

The lower part is between the subnasal and menton. The said part is the only portion of the face susceptible to be changed by the orthodontist. Orthodontists use the 1 to 1 proportion with the medium part as parameter. The lower part is also known as anteroinferior facial height.

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