Orthopedic Facemask

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Developed by Delaire and refined by Petit, the orthopedic facemask, used with elastics attached from the hooks of the maxillary splint to the crossbow of the facemask is an effective appliance for early treatment of Class III malocclusion due to anteroposterior and maxillary deficiency.

For the orthopedic effect, this appliance can effectively enhance the downward and forward growth of the maxilla resulting to a downward and backward rotation of the mandible and at the same time produc a downward redirection of mandibular growth thereby aiding in the correction of sagittal maxillo mandibular relationship discrepancy in class III malocclusion in growing patients specially those in mixed dentition.

Other effects include forward movement of the maxillary dental arch and lingual tipping of the lower incisors which help correct the anterior crossbite. To ensure the effectivity of facemask therapy, the proper clinical management of facemask and maxillary splint should be fully understood.

For more information on the best possible Treatment for your Orthodontic case, please consult your Dentist. “There is no online material nor website that can substitute for professional advice.”

Orthopedic Facemask for Early Treatment of Class III Malocclusion
http://www.costbraces.org/ef/ by Dr. Danilo L. Aguilar

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