Clear Aligners

By on 7-13-2013 in Appliance

Recently, technology has stepped in and provided the general practitioners the opportunity to offer minor corrective orthodontic procedures in the form of clear aligners. This new approach is ideal for the correction of mild to moderate dental crowding in young patients. Clear aligners facilitate tooth movement with the use of a series of removable appliances from then transparent plastic that fit over the buccal and lingual surfaces of the teeth.

Adult patients looking to get their teeth aligned can now do so unobtrusively, without the show of metal. For patients, the appeal of clear aligners is primarily cosmetic. Since aligners are custom made, they also do not interfere with speech. Being removable appliances, they also most like add substantially to the patients’ quality of life since they can be removed for eating and hygiene.

Clear Aligners for Treatment of Dental Crowding –
by Dr. Lotus Llavore
Associate Professor, UP College of dentistry
Chair, UP Graduate Program in Orthodontics
Fellow, Association of Philippine Orthodontists

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