Clinical Examination

By on 10-16-2012 in Conventional Braces

Clinical examination, once the hallmark of orthodontic diagnosis, has become secondary to the information gained from the lateral cephalograms and plaster study models. It has turned out to be one of the most overlooked procedures, with the clinician performing a one minute look-see examination using only a mouth mirror. It is important to know the guidelines to provide an organized, comprehensive and satisfactory clinical examination of the potential orthodontic patient.

Routine clinical appraisals should consist of the following: 1) gathering a health history; 2) examination of facial form, intraoral features, occlusal and jaw joint functional aspects; and, 3) completing part of the permanent record of the patient. Considerable clinical skills are required to enhance the clinician’s ability to know the tentative diagnosis and the need for further diagnostic data of the patient.

Clinical Examination by Dr. Lotus D. Llavore

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