Braces Risk and Limitations

Orthodontic treatment (braces) has some risk and limitations. These should be known by anyone considering dental braces treatment.

Excellent oral hygiene is a must during orthodontic treatment. Failure to brush and floss throughly every day may result in tooth decay or gum disease. Foods rich in sugar and snacks should be limited. Regular oral prophylaxis and dental check up at six month intervals or more frequently as needed is neessary to maintain the teeth in good health. It may also become necessary to stop orthodontic treatment short of the desired final result if non-compliance with oral hygiene maintenance causes extensive decay.

A non-vital tooth is a possibility on rare occasions. An undetected non-vital tooth may flare up during orthodontic treatment necessitating root canal therapy. In some cases allergic reactions are also a possibility.

Root resorption can occur in some cases. This is a shortening of the ends of the roots of teeth. Normally the shortened root are not disadvantage. However, should the patient experience gum disease in later years, severely shortened roots may reduce the longevity of the affected teeth. It should be noted that there are other causes of root resorption as well. It can be a result of trauma, impactions, endocrine disorders or unknown causes.

Problems with accompanying pain in temporo-mandibukar joint TMJ are also a possibility. Orthodontic treatment can improve already existing TMJ pain, but not in all cases. Stress and tension are also factors in some TMJ problems.

Occasionally orthodontic treatment objectives may have to be compromised. If growth in either of the jaws become disproportionate, the jaw relationship can be affected.

Teeth have a tendency to relapse toward original position following active orthodontic treatment. Wearing of retainers is necessary.

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