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A skeleteal Class II malocclusion can manifest through maxillary prognathism, mandibular retrognathism or both. Most of the Class II cases are characterized with mandibular retrognathism, which if diagnosed and addressed on time during pubertal growth, can be easily treated.

The Bionator is a removable functional appliance which can treat malocclusions characterized mainly by mandibular retrusion, by producing forward positioning of mandible. It is considered as one of the easiest functional appliances to use.

A common perception among clinicians is that patients find it more acceptable. It is often used simultaneously with fixed appliance treatment. It has many advantages over other functional appliances of its type like; easy to construct, not bulky, easily worn, sufficiently retentive and easily repaired.

Bionator Functional Appliance
by Dr. Hamid Ghasemi

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