Begg Braces / Begg Appliance

Dr. PR Begg introduced the Begg Appliance to Orthodonticss in the 1930s. The studies of Dr Begg on the normal occlusion of man made him realize that the teeth continuously migrate mesially and vertically to compensate for attritions of their proximal and occluso-incisal surfaces. He devised the light wire differential force technique based on this premise.

Begg appliance is designed such that it permits teeth to move towards their anatomically correct positions in the jaws under the influence of very light forces. Instead of bodily movement, Dr Begg advocated the tipping of teeth crowns. They will be later uprighted, roots paralleled and repositioning achieved. The ribbon arch brackets are modified and placed upside down, allowing the free tipping.


Modified ribbon arch brackets have a single vertical short, which faces gingivally. The bases are either flat or curved. The brackets can be either welded to bands or directly bonded to the teeth at predetermined distances from incisal edges. Brackets are usually centered mesiodistally on the labial or buccal surfaces.

Lock Pins

Types of lock pins made of brass or stainless steel were designed to hold the wire in the bracket slots. One point safety pin provides a single point contact of the wire on the tooth surface allowing free tipping. This is essential in Stages I and II of the Begg Appliance.

Molar Tubes

Molar tubes are either flat-oval or round in cross section. The bondable tube has a mesh base. The mesh base is broder than weldable base. Molar tubes are designed to permit free mesiodistal sliding of the archwire, which is necessary to permit the free distolingual tipping of the anterior teeth from the forces generated by the vertical loops or elastics.


Archwires are available in various diameters and tempers.

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