Anterior Crossbite

By on 7-05-2013 in Appliance

Single tooth anterior crossbite is a commonly encountered malocclusion in children. And its treatment in the early mixed dentition stage is highly recommended, as this won’t improve with age. Treatment during this period offers the greatest opportunity for occlusal guidance and interception of malocclusion.

Untreated crossbite may lead to abnormal abrasion of the lower incisors, thinning of labial alveolar plate, gingival recession, anterior tooth mobility and fracture. It may also lead to periodontal pathosis and temporomandibular joint disturbance.

There are safe, cost effective, rapid and easy methods to treat single tooth anterior crossbites.

Jump & Slide: Treatment of Anterior Crossbite –
by Dr. Fina G. Lopez
Fellow, Philippine Pediatric Dental Society, Inc.

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