Anterior Crossbite Correction

By on 12-04-2011 in Appliance

The management of anterior cross bites in the primary and early mixed dentition is highly recommended as this kind of malocclusion does not diminish with age. Moreover, if left untreated, anterior crossbites may lead to unsightly wear of the incisal and labial surfaces of the involved maxillary incisors, dental compensation of mandibular incisors resulting to thinning of labial alveolar plate and/or ginigival recession, loss of arch length, traumatic occlusion from cuspal interferences, and improper muscle balances leading to habitual posturing of the mandible. To prevent these complications, anterior cross bites should be treated early. There are recent designs of appliances and simplified techniques for anterior cross bite correction which can be easily and effectively rendered by the dentist. Useful guidelines as to which anterior cross bites are amenable to early intervention will be discussed as each case must be assessed on its merits and due consideration must be given to the presence or absence of a mandibular displacement on closing.

Simplified Techniques for Anterior Crossbite Correction – by Dr Lotus D Llavore

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